Weekly Review 10 August: A modest start

Sunday 11 August

The first week of the new trading fund has had mixed results, down -6.9% overall. As noted in the post-mortem analysis on Friday, I got my signals mixed up especially in the yen in the early part of the week. And the mind being what it is, one mistake leads to the next, and mistakes get compounded. I consider myself lucky to have not lost too much and arresting the negative spiral of mistakes. I was more disciplined in cable and aussie, and AUD has good results to show for it. Cable was marred by the extreme volatility around Carney’s speech but I am confident that it will recover.

Below are trade details for each pair separately and then a combined account update. This will be updated each week and end of the month. Note that I do not mark-to-market the open trades.

AUDUSD Aug10EURJPY Aug10GBPUSD Aud10 USDJPY Aug10The combined account is down -6.9% for the week.
Combined acct Aug10

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