2016 April

ZenFXTrader Account performance for the month of April 2016.

Account up 5.4% m/m, 25.0% YTD !

I missed a few good moves due to being asleep or at other activities where I couldn’t monitor the market; nevertheless we’ve achieved 5.4% for the month. We are now up +25.0% from the start of 2016, with not a single month of drawdown.

Here is the twitter log of the trades for March as tweeted on @zenfxtrades.

@zenFXtrades April 2016 Twitter log

Combined Account Performance: +5.4% month-on-month

AUDUSD 6 trades, +21.5% m/m

AUDUSD 04-2016

AUDJPY 4 trades, -14.2% m/m. All losing trades. 😦

AUDJPY 04-2016

EURUSD 8 trades, +3.9% m/m. The whipsaw around the ECB event cost me a lot. Without that loss this sub-account would be over +10% m/m.

EURUSD 04-2016

EURJPY no trades, 0% m/m. Conflicting signals, I stayed out of the trades.

EURJPY 04-2016

GBPUSD 5 trades, +4.3% m/m. There was money to be made, but the pound is a notoriously fickle pair. Brexit fears, cross-flows, etc make it tricky to trade.

GBPUSD 04-2016

GBPJPY 6 trade, +6.3% m/m. Also a tricky pair to trade, but I managed a good result this month 🙂

USDJPY 8 trades, +26.2% m/m. Despite a big losing trade on the day of the BoJ announcement I’ve managed the best result in this pair. Note that the performance is marked-to-market at the closing level of Friday, 30 April. This trade continues into May.

USDJPY 04-2016