2016 May

ZenFXTrader Account performance for the month of May 2016.

Account up 6.5% m/m, 33.2.0% YTD !

A good month, with only a couple of hours spent monitoring the markets each day, between lots of other work that I am busy with. We are now up +33.2% from the start of 2016, with not a single month of drawdown.

Here is the twitter log for May as tweeted on @zenfxtrades.

@zenFXtrades May 2016 Twitter log

Combined Account Performance: +6.5% month-on-month

AUDUSD 7 trades, +4.5% m/m. More whiplash and no trend as this pair consolidates.

AUDJPY 3 trades, +6.3% m/m. Better than last month, which had 3 trades too, but all losing trades!

EURUSD only 6 trades, -2.3% m/m. Although the big picture points to bearishness, this pair is refusing to break down in a big way. Consolidation / congestion can be expected for the next 1-2 months.

EURJPY 3 trades, 5.1% m/m. Similar to the EURUSD, this pair is waiting for direction. My gut feel is that eventually it will break to the upside, but it may consolidate for a few months first between 120 – 125.

GBPUSD 7 trades, -6.0% m/m. Sterling likes to give pain to all who trade it. :-). The last trade, short at 1.4627 is still open and has been marked to market at +15 pips.

GBPJPY 8 trades, +55.7% m/m. This pair can either be hugely rewarding or devastating to one’s account. I can attest to that from lots of personal experiences. This month I caught the moves well, especially the last peak near 162. Last trade, short at 160.16 is still open and has been marked to market at -90 pips.

USDJPY 6 trades, +9.8% m/m. Small moves, looks like the market is coiling for a big move. From the macro picture, the big move is almost certainly going to be up, with perhaps a spike down to near 100. We can lose a lot of money getting whipped around while the pair consolidates. Last trade, long at 109.89 still open and marked-to-market at the closing level of Friday at +29 pips.