2016 March

ZenFXTrader Account performance for the month of March 2016.

With minimal time spent and a low number of trades, we’ve managed 4.8% for the month. We are now up +18.6% from the start of 2016, with very low drawdown.

Here is the twitter log of the trades for March as tweeted on @zenfxtrades. @zenFXtrades Mar 2016 Twitter log

Combined Account Performance: +4.8% month-on-month (Note: The worksheet refers to ‘SwingFXTrades’ which was an earlier planned name for the ZenFXTrades alerts service.)

Combined Acct Performance March-2016

AUDUSD 2 trades, +1.3% m/m

AUDJPY 1 trade, 4.5% m/m

EURUSD 8 trades, +16.3% m/m

EURUSD trades log Mar2016

EURJPY 2 trades, +4.2% m/m

EURJPY trades log Mar2016

GBPUSD 5 trades, +2.5% m/m

GBPUSD trades log Feb2016

GBPJPY 1 trade, -0.4% m/m

GBPJPY trades log Mar2016

USDJPY 8 trades, +3.0% m/m

USDJPY trades log Mar2016