Future direction of this blog

The market is dead calm – the calm before a huge storm!

But things are definitely bubbling beneath the surface of this blog. A couple of weeks ago I posted that the blog would be going private. I haven’t done that yet. At this stage my ideas are still evolving, hence I am leaving things as they are for a few weeks.

My first passion is trading; I really want to see if it’s possible to reach the holy grail of high, consistent profits, month after month in the markets. I imagine that it is relatively easy to make 5-6% per month consistently. But I am aiming higher. Based on my experience and observations, forex markets should allow a return of 10-20% per month  consistently. I want to try to achieve this and see if I can overcome the obstacles along the way.

Along with trading, I am infected with the urge to teach, to share my knowledge. So I am considering some sort of educational / skill building offering, that will be consistent with my trading activity. Not online videos or online seminars. I don’t believe they are an effective learning medium. Something personal, face-to-face. The other benefit of the personal education is that I will have a chance to meet with like-minded traders, some with a passion for the markets like me. These ideas are swirling around my head and will come to fruition in the new year. I am trying to work out how to fit my blog within the new plans.

If any of my regular readers have any ideas or suggestions feel free to post them in the comments or by email to me.


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