Closed all trades; reversed yen trades

15.02 gmt

I missed the boat on closing out earlier. I was out in a meeting at the time of London open when most pairs reversed. [Note to self: do not schedule any activity around London open!] I was hoping for a bounce in early NY which did not materialise. My profits in GY & EY have turned to losses, and my 100+ pips in UJ was reduced to around 50 pips. I’ve also closed the AUD short at a good profit, I think it has fallen plenty for one week. We may get another opportunity to go short next week.

USDJPY: closed long at 103.15, +50 pips.

EURJPY: closed long at 141.60, -22 pips

GBPJPY: closed all longs at 167.88, for -180 pips (2/pip) & -67 pips (5/pip)

AUDUSD: closed short at 0.8930, +123 pips.

Now short as follows:

Short USDJPY $8/pip at 103.15, SL 103.80

Short EURJPY $8/pip at 141.60, SL 142.30

Short GBPJPY $5/pip at 167.88, SL 168.80


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