New short EURUSD @ 1.3753

1.12 gmt

EURUSD has topped out for now, the system and Price Action is indicating a short here.

Short $8/pip EURUSD at 1.3753, SL 1.3803


3 thoughts on “New short EURUSD @ 1.3753

  1. Pushkar

    Price action is indicating a short in my system also, EUR/JPY is moving down but EUR/GBP is holding and bouncing back indicating some Euro Strength . But technically EURUSD looks short . i am also short.


    1. ZenFXTrader

      Good move Pushkar. But EU seems very keen on breaking 1.38. It hasn’t dropped much since my short signal was triggered. I think it may breach 1.40, overshoot to 1.41 and that will be a great place to short!


  2. Pushkar

    EURUSD showing strong divergence. But Eur Bulls are still strong . I think NY session onwards things will get shorted out. It may break 1.38 but I am doubt full it will happen. Same goes true for GBPUSD , showing strong divergence. Staying EU short still looks good for the moment . Lets see



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