Closed all 3 open trades;

0.35 gmt

Closed all 3 open trades for good profit pips

GBPUSD: closed at 1.6033 (open 1.6173); profit = +140 pips.

AUDUSD: closed at 0.9462 (open 0.9601); profit = +139 pips.

EURUSD: closed at 1.3562 (open 1.3670); profit = +108 pips.

The reasons for closing are all these pairs are at a medium level Fibo support; plus its Friday and we have the RBA and ECB meetings next week.

Edit: 8 Nov 2013.

Just realised that there was an error in the pips calculation for EU profit. It should be 108, not 208 pips.


5 thoughts on “Closed all 3 open trades;

    1. ZenFXTrader

      Yeah, its good to back in the pips, and all from following my rules. I’m kept pretty busy here in Singapore, and perhaps the reduced screen time is beneficial. No time to over-think my trades.
      Hope you’re doing well too.


  1. Djafer

    That’s indeed the secret to success – back away from thinking. Intuition gets broken when it is called 100 times a day…

    Good luck!


  2. fxgai

    Hey. I gave back some profits on a USD/CHF trade that isn’t working, but fortunately just a blip as I got a nice start to the year on the back of Abenomics. Recently I also got on the good side of a EUR/GBP trade, and EUR tanking has helped me reduce my USD/CHF position further.

    Looks like it was tough to trade the yen crosses yesterday. Will be interesting to see which way USD/JPY finally goes, but after price action like yesterday I won’t be surprised to see the market kill the short term players after today’s NFP data comes out. After stopping everyone out I guess the market will then dismiss the result as abnormal due to the govt shutdown. Even if it is a positive surprise and brings the taper back into the picture, does subsequent damage to stocks hurt risk appetite and take USD/JPY down anyway? I’ll let the charts show me on the weekend after the market is closed.



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