Change of scenery confirmed; trading paused

September 17, 2013

There are a lot of things happening in my life at the moment and as a result I have stopped trading until I settle down.  Just when things are about to get interesting with the Fed taper and the new Fed chair to be announced soon!

As hinted earlier, a change of scenery is involved. From Melbourne to Singapore. A wonderful opportunity has come my way to be a key member of a tech venture. As part of that I am relocating to Singapore in early October. I’ve paused trading until I settle down, but I still follow the markets everyday. The new location is a much better time-zone for trading, but my new role needs a fair bit of travel so I’ll have to review how I trade. I may go to a longer-term trading style. Or a s-t day-trading style also works, but I am temperamentally not inclined to s-t day trading.

As you can imagine, there will not be much blog posting while I settle down.

Good luck to all you traders out there!


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