Long GBPUSD @ 1.5590

8.47 gmt

A little late entry, but the overall techincals are pretty bullish for cable.

Long $3/pip GBPUSD at 1.5590, SL 1.5530.


4 thoughts on “Long GBPUSD @ 1.5590

    1. ZenFXTrader

      actually my signal came yesterday at around 1.5528, but since the US markets were closed I decided to hold off, and another opportunity was earlier today around 1.5550. The decisive break of 1.5550 is encouraging but we have a minor 61.8 Fibo at 1.5607 that needs to be overcome. Because of the poor entry my order size is smaller than usual.


  1. gomesfx

    Hi zen, just look.

    What you said:
    Your signal was yesterday.

    If the signal has passed just forget about, the market does not end today and more signals will come.


    What you do:
    Even though it’s a poor signal resolves to enter an order lower than usual ?!

    What i tell you: TRADE ONLY A+
    Select the best signals, choosing only the most likely to succeed.


    PS: That guy james has every reason I’ll transcribe that part of the text most important.

    “The fact that you repeatedly have atrocious monthly losses tells me that,
    A] your strategy sucks and,
    B] you likely don’t have the aptitude for trading — because you are happy to keep making the same mistakes.Aside from this your trading tells me that you do not have a rational perspective on risk, nor industry standard returns.”

    Sometimes cost truths to listen.

    I not bother you more, hope that one day you can be a trader.
    And do not take these comments as negative but as positive and learn from it.

    Be happy



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