Closed AUDUSD long, -17 pips

9.11 gmt

The AUD long trade is really not justified by any technical analysis. I got into it on a gut feel that traders will cover the shorts that were added earlier this week, so we could see a pop back up to around 0.8980. As one regular follower of this blog has pointed out, this trade is not worth the risk on a Friday, month-end with the added risk of the mid-east situation. So I have closed it.

Closed AUDUSD long at 0.8928, -17 pips.


2 thoughts on “Closed AUDUSD long, -17 pips

  1. fxgai

    Good save 🙂 After a tough period I’ve found it’s easy to want to give the roulette wheel a spin. Glad to see you close this out without major damage before the weekend.


  2. Djafer

    Your system spits on your face each time you do trades like this 😛
    Respect the hard work you put to develop your system bro!



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