A slap from the Zen Master

23.45 gmt

I received the following comment a few minutes ago from James with a non-company email address:

The fact that you repeatedly have atrocious monthly losses tells me that,
A] your strategy sucks and,
B] you likely don’t have the aptitude for trading — because you are happy to keep making the same mistakes.Aside from this your trading tells me that you do not have a rational perspective on risk, nor industry standard returns. Go here to get some perspective on how real traders behave:http://www.nnnnnn.com/account/leaderboard
Form a working relationship with one of these traders. Learn from them.And yes, this is a Zen slap from the Zen Master. It’s time for you to grow up and stop fantasizing.

I prepared the following reply to it, and you will see why I decided to post it this way rather than in the comments:

Ouch, that hurts. But thank you for your feedback and the link. Your comment would carry more weight if you provide some background on yourself and your achievements as the Zen Master of trading. The link that you provide shows the leaderboard of a long list of traders. Such lists showing fantastical trading results are now commonplace on the internet, eg on Zulutrade, Currensee, Tradency, etc. None of the ‘leaders’ provide full, honest details of their trades that lead to the results. Short of actually putting down money on these sites, there is no way of knowing if the results are fully true or cherry-picked, or made-up. The link offers no lessons or insight into good trading. Apart from telling me what my weaknesses are, (thank you for that) your comment too adds nothing constructive. When looked at this way, I realise that your comment is probably just aimed at getting some of the readers of this blog to click-through to your site’s leaderboard. Therefore I have edited out your link and posted the comment and my reply here. In the spirit of a true zen master I am sure you will appreciate this.

I know for certain that there are many traders out there who are 100x better than me. I am always keen to get to know at least one such genuine zen master trader and learn from them. True zen masters are like zen monks, very hard to find and not seeking attention. They are not interested in publicity or competition. The real battle is within oneself, not on a leaderboard. 

Whatever your motivation, your points are well-taken and I will keep trying to improve. Trading is a fascinating challenge.


2 thoughts on “A slap from the Zen Master

  1. Dimitrios Karamanos

    That’s classic!

    The thing to remember is that almost every strategy has trading conditions where they won’t work effectively. James, if you are in fact legitimate and not associated with the website, it will be an eye opening exercise for you to see where on the leaderboard the current top 10 are 12-24 months down the track… Zen’s track record over the past few years is there for everyone to see. The swing strategy will have its time in the sun once again.



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