Weekly Review 24 August

Saturday, 24 Aug 2013

This week was fairly quiet and I end the week almost unchanged. For the month its down about -12%. Here’s the combined account picture:

Combined Aug 24The ‘other’ in the worksheet above refers to the AUDJPY trade. In the main pairs, I had 2 trades in EU, one in EJ, 2 in UJ, and one in AU, all of them small losses; and one trade in GU that was a winner.

Markets are basically biding time until we’re back to full strength in September. After a lull like this the moves that happen are usually sharp and big. The big issue of the Fed taper question will come to a head in mid-September. We also have German elections in the month. We can therefore expect a very active September.



5 thoughts on “Weekly Review 24 August

  1. Djafer

    Hello Zen,

    Thanks for sharing all the interesting information on your site. I have learnt some things from you.
    One practical question: why not use a Zulu account to show your record of trading?

    Good luck with your trading!


  2. Dimitrios Karamanos

    Hey Zen,
    Interesting times on the market at the moment, can be a tough gig, as can be seen from your trading over the month. Just a quick observation that you may be letting your losers run a bit too far at times and conversely cutting your winners short. Of course it’s easier said than done to remedy this, but money management is obviously so important. Will keep an interested eye on your trading.



    1. ZenFXTrader

      Thanks for the feedback Dimitri. My aim is to trade well, i.e. according to my rules. Overall, I have full faith in the profitability of my rules, so executing the plan well is key for me. The weakest part of my system is that performance suffers when markets are in tight ranges, like now. But the markets will change, and I will make up for the small losses now. I can’t change just one aspect of my system, it has to be internally consistent. For now, I’ll accept the small losses and wait for the big winners.


      1. Dimitrios Karamanos

        All good points, good to see that you have a plan, I haven’t come to know your system yet. Just thought I would throw it out there as it is a pattern that is easy to fall into. Look forward to seeing things turn around!



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