Closed EU & AU shorts – all hell has broken loose!

17.25 gmt

Looks like markets have really gone crazy today. I was woken up by my signal going off, to see that EURUSD had spiked up almost 100 pips in a few seconds. I just closed all positions, at a loss of course, and am going to sleep soundly now.

EURUSD: closed short at 1.3311, -81 pips.

AUDUSD: closed short at 0.9126, -16 pips.


6 thoughts on “Closed EU & AU shorts – all hell has broken loose!

    1. ZenFXTrader

      The short-term charts have been damaged by the spikes yesterday. Slightly higher time-frame shows bullish at current levels but would flip to short if we break 97 on the downside. EURJPY is a mess – just congested around 129.5 – 130.5. Today is another freaky day, a Friday with huge options in many pairs. The action after NY 10 am would be completely unpredictable.


      1. Daniel

        Yeah I am also on the long side until 97 breaks. Hoping to reach 98 – 98.20 later this afternoon and will close half of my position if it happens. I won’t be surprised to see complete reversal of yesterday action considering most people perhaps expect continuation at the moment


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