USDJPY – flipped long at 98.81, -50 pips

10.13 gmt

Although my opinion is that UJ will go lower, the charts have produced a clear-cut signal to go long. I’ve learnt from the recent past that I must set aside my opinion and follow the market as seen in the chars.

Closed UJ short at 96.81, -50 pips.

Now long $2/pip at 96.81, SL at 96.11


2 thoughts on “USDJPY – flipped long at 98.81, -50 pips

  1. Daniel

    Hi zen, just noticed that your performance in August last year was quite dreadful. Not sure whether slow summer trading has conclusively been proved as bad for your system (which is chasing momentum) or not. Just one thing for you to consider. Volume should pick up again in September though, so make sure you set a limit for a maximum amount you are willing to lose this month so that you still have enough firepower next month.



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