Reversed all positions

21.25 gmt

The USD weakness in the US session has been reversed – as with most Monday moves it was a fake-out. I’ve reversed all my positions and I am now long the yen pairs and short EU, GU and AU.

More details later.

22.55 Update:

Closed EURUSD long at 1.3298, -3 pips. Now short $5/pip at 1.3298, SL at 1.3330.

Closed GBPUSD long at 1.5460, -23 pips. Now short at $4/pip at 1.5460, SL 1.5505.

Closed AUDUSD long at 0.9147, -27 pips. Now short $4/pip at 0.9147, SL 0.9203.

Closed EURJPY short at 128.87, -46 pips. Now long $2/pip at 128.87, SL at 128.35.

Closed USDJPY short at 96.91, -38 pips. Now long $2/pip at 96.91, SL at 96.41.



4 thoughts on “Reversed all positions

  1. Daniel

    Rumour of option expiry in UJ expiring Friday at 98.10 for usd 3.75 billion. We may stay at this price for a while. Or maybe not 😉


    1. ZenFXTrader

      Yep, I’ve heard of it. We can be pretty sure price will hover around 98.10 until the expiry. What happens next is the suspense. My charts say we will go sideways for a few sessions.


      1. Daniel

        Well it will make more sense to continue the move up higher and make a new high because market front running tapering decision in September or October. But forex does not always make sense 😉 so best to follow the price action. If we dip into 97 before Fridays, I am looking to add long with SL below 96.50


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