Yen pairs: closed short and flipped to long

0.08 gmt

UJ at 96.74

EJ at 129.43

more later…

1.25 gmt: OK, back to finish this post

UJ got a boost in late US trading, always the most difficult session for me to cover. I was in zzz land, saw/heard the signal, but couldn’t get up, hoping not much will change in a few hours.

Closed earlier USDJPY short from 96.41 at 96.74, -33 pips.

Now long $3/pip UJ at 96.74, SL at 95.95

EURJPY: closed short from 128.69 at 129.43, -74 pips.

Now long EURJPY $2/pip at 129.43, SL at 128.45.


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