UJ & EJ: flipped to short

5.35 gmt

I’m not trading very well. Anticipating the system, trying to be too clever, thinking too much! The system had not generated long signals in UJ and EJ but I went long anyway, and now I repent. I bow to the superiority of the unthinking rules and get back in sync with the rules!

Closed UJ long at 96.41, -44 pips. Now short $4/pip UJ at 96.41, SL 96.84

Closed EJ long at 128.69, -40 pips. Now short $3/pip EJ at 128.69. SL 129.10.

With the GU and AU I have traded better, gritting my teeth and staying put even when the urge to TP in GU or AU was strong. Now all trades are in sync with the system rules and I will stay with it.


2 thoughts on “UJ & EJ: flipped to short

  1. Alex

    Why don’t you just automate the system? Why are you trading it manually and overriding its rules? This doesn’t make any sense to me.


    1. ZenFXTrader

      That is my ultimate goal. My system is basically a set of rules. MT4, the most common programming platform for retail traders is not capable of programming my system. There may be other platforms capable of the kind of programming I need, but I don’t have the resources to explore that avenue yet.



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