A new start – Reset all accounts

Sunday, 4 August 2013

After many years of trading I had come to the conclusion that what one needs to succeed as an independent trader is a) a good system, i.e. a set of rules that defines clear rules for entry, exit and order size for each trade; and b) The mental discipline to stick to those rules every time. Over the years I had already tried and tested dozens of specific ‘methods’ using many kinds of indicators, or ‘trade setups’ involving chart patterns, indicators, cycles, etc. I have also tried ‘black box’ systems. All the while I was developing my own ideas and they were good trade ideas. However, I always stumbled when it came to executing the trades. The emotions always led me astray. The past 5 years have been spent understanding my emotions, my weak points and working on overcoming those weaknesses. Over late 2011 – early 2012 I researched all the major FX pairs going back 10 years to 2001. I discovered patterns and time relationships that led to consistently successful trades. That formed the basis of my trading system. More research into the optimum order size, i.e. risk for each trade, led to my complete system. After finding out how well it worked in back-testing, I had to test it in real-time. To do that, and also as part of improving my mental/emotional skills appropriate to trading, I started this blog to serve as my journal and to keep me honest 😉

The test involved tracking system trades in real-time while at the same time trading real money as close to the system as I thought appropriate. Initially I over-ruled my system often, but almost every time the system proved to be right and my ‘gut-feel’ decisions would be wrong. Over the period of the test I learnt tough lessons in my real account while the system account steadily grew at an average of more than 150% per month. Trading against my system rules on a few key occasions cost me very dearly, essentially busting my account. On the flip side, this testing and research have helped me a lot. I have improved my trading HUGELY through this process. I analysed my trading using the ‘theoretical’ system as a reference and improved my real money trading. The system testing of the past year+ has given me solid confidence that I can grow my trading account by at least 50% / month, more likely 100% per month, i.e. double it each month.

After the 15-month long live-testing I am now ready to trade my system fully, with real money. I am starting small, with an account of only $10,000. This is actually a trial for a fund, with capital from someone I know personally. The unique thing about this trial is that all trades will be actual trades involving real money, with the attendant problems of slippage, missed opportunities, sleep, family life, etc. (no more separation of theoretical ‘system’ trades and real money trades). I will be able to show broker account statements that will be identical to the trades blogged here.

As I’ve written before, in my method the capital is divided between the 5 pairs I trade: EU, EJ, UJ, GU, AU. My system does exceptionally well at 20% risk in each pair, i.e. ~5% risk of the combined account equity per trade. In the live testing over the past 15 months I’ve been conservative and used only 10% risk of each pair’s equity. In live trading I will use my discretion and risk something between 10 – 20% of each pair equity, i.e. between 2.5 – 5% of total account equity risked per trade. Each pair will be tracked separately and a summary worksheet will show the combined account value. The currently open trades (GU, UJ) will not be included in the new account.


5 thoughts on “A new start – Reset all accounts

  1. perry

    Hi Zen,

    I enjoyed reading your commentary today on this beautiful Sunday morning in North Carolina. Best wishes on your real money “system trading”. I will be following your trading as usual.

    Is the information below taken from the right side margin of your blog correct? From January to August, your system yielded these results with a beginning capital of only $5K ($1K per pair) including cable? Regards, Perry

    The starting level for each pair on 2 Jan 2013 was $1000. As of 3 August 2013, following is the closing account level in each pair:
    EURUSD: $134,991
    EURJPY: $135,882
    USDJPY: $153,170
    GBPUSD: $1,754,344
    AUDUSD: $100,389


    1. ZenFXTrader

      Hi Perry, yes that information is correct. It sounds too fantastic to be true, I know. I debated whether to put this info in the post or make another post on the full results of the system, but decided not to. The results are just too unreal and it would look like empty boasting. Only a machine would be able to get those kind of results. If a machine followed my system rules, was able to react instantly to markets at all times 24×7, didn’t suffer slippage, then yes, the results are achievable 🙂



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