EURUSD: closed short @ 1.3229

15.30 gmt

Closed EURUSD at 1.3229, -34 pips.

I’ll see how this closes today in NY; the chart is ambiguous.


2 thoughts on “EURUSD: closed short @ 1.3229

  1. Daniel

    Yeah, EU is not trending. We made a LL and then an intraday HH without conviction. If no follow through, it would probably close near the mid about 13205. Nice flip on cable, was it system or gut instinct?


    1. ZenFXTrader

      On cable – my system has a few core chart rules, modified by specific hi-probability PA. In GU we are seeing a pretty rare pattern (clearly visible on the 4h chart) – a reverse right triangle. This false-break pattern almost always means a break to the topside. Once it became clear that there was no follow through to the break of 1.53 this pattern got strengthened and I saw a good opportunity to go long with a relatively tight stop.



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