Weekly Review 21 July

21 July 2013

Not much to report. I don’t have any open trades.

The month-to-date performance for each pair as of the end of this week was as follows:

EURUSD: 54.8%

EURJPY: 15.9%

USDJPY: 116.2%

GBPUSD: 171.9%

AUDUSD: +48.2%

I am in discussions with an investor locally and there is a high probability that I might get some capital very soon, perhaps by the end of July. It will be baby money in absolute $$, being a sort of a trial. I am setting up an investment trust structure to to handle this and there is a possibility of more investors joining in future. I will have an opportunity to apply the system to this real capital and hopefully make it grow at least 1/10th as much as my ‘theoretical’ system has grown in the past.

Unfortunately, at the same time I have also got an opportunity to start a more regular sort of job and obviously it will be hard to do both together. I have the system down to mechanical trading 80% of the time, but there are occasions when I need to be monitoring events and markets and that will surely interfere with my regular ‘job’. The fact that 90% of the market action happens between 8pm – 5 am Melbourne time makes it even more difficult. I have some crucial decisions to make !


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