Closed all trades

8.31 bst

Closed all trades as follows:

EURUSD: closed long at 1.3132, +71 pips

EURJPY: closed short at 130.80, -30 pips

AUDUSD: closed long at 0.9203, +113 pips

GBPUSD: closed long at 1.5095, -4 pips

USDJPY: closed short at 99.67, +25 pips

The market appears extremely nervous, directionless. I guess waiting for Bernanke’s words later today.

pps: As I finish this at around 8.40, I see that UJ has jumped up to 99.80, taking EJ with it to 131.20!


2 thoughts on “Closed all trades

    1. ZenFXTrader

      Hi Daniel, if I’m well into profit, then I’ll stay open with hard stops. If I’m not in profit or in small losses, I will close the trades. That’s my written rule. Unfortunately today I just lost patience and closed all my trades too early. As per system rules the yen trades have reversed, the AUD is in a ‘tentative’ short zone, and the Euro and Pound should be long, both well into the money. Stop losses would be moved up to better than BE, so there would be no risk on those trades.
      However, in reality since I have closed the Euro and Pound long trades and re-opened pound long, I would rather stay out of these two. The DXY is still showing bearishness so I’d be nervous about the UJ and EJ longs too. Therefore in real-life, all things considered, I’ll prefer to stay out until the market has settled on a clear direction after Bernanke’s statement is published.
      One rule is to stay out if I am feeling uncomfortable with any trade, and that is what will be applied 😉 There will always be more opportunities.



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