Long USDJPY and short GBPUSD; GBP acct milestone

2.31 bst

I said earlier that I probably would stay flat into the weekend, but the signals are pretty tempting, especially in UJ and GU. It looks like traders are buying dollars into the weekend, and these 2 pairs have very low risk at current levels. I have therefore already entered trades as follows:

GBPUSD: short at 1.5170, SL 1.5220.

USDJPY: long at 99.14, SL at 98.35.

As I was updating the worksheet that tracks these trades, I just noticed that the GBPUSD system trade account has crossed $1,000,000. Starting with $900 on 2 January the GBP account is now worth $1,023,143 ! Of course, this is theoretical trading, but as close to real-time as possible. The only thing separating real performance from the system performance is the ability to follow the system rules strictly, even when the environment is showering me with confusion and fear!

GBPUSD System v2 live test Jan-Jul 2013


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