Closed all open trades – flat now.

1.41 bst

Closed all open trades as follows:

GBPUSD: closed long from 1.4870 at 1.5179, +309 pips.

EURUSD: closed second long from 1.3084 at 1.3093, +9 pips.

EURJPY: closed short from 129.86 at 129.53, +33 pips.

USDJPY: closed short from 101.01 at 98.93, +208 pips.

AUDUSD: was already flat after closing long yesterday.

I’m all flat now, and likely to stay that way into the weekend. the charts are all looking to be in consolidation, except USDJPY which seems to have found solid support at 98.50 / 98.20.

I’ve had chances to close at better levels, especially UJ and EJ, but they happened while I was sleeping. This is one aspect of solo retail trading which I still struggle with: signals can come at any time of day or night and it might not be a convenient time. Being in Eastern Australia makes this problem even more difficult. The damned New York machines often make extreme moves in NY afternoons after London has gone home, which for me is between 2am – 6am or between 4 – 8am in the northern winter. I slept through a signal alert today at 5 am, having gone to bed only at 2am.


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