Flipped EU long to short @ 1.3008, -14 pips.

17.01 bst


The Euro has dived after hitting 1.31 and at the close of the London session has generated a sell signal. I have therefore flipped the EU from long to short.

Closed EU long from 1.3122 at 1.3008, -14 pips.

Now short EU at 1.3008.

It looks very unlikely that any of the pairs will flip in the remaining time today. So the system heads into the weekend with the following positions in addition to the EURUSD short (I’ll update this with NY closing prices over the weekend)

USDJPY: long from 97.42; current price 99.25, +183 pips.

EURJPY long from 127.78; current price 129.10, +132 pips.

GBPUSD: short from 1.5422; current price 1.5195, +228 pips.

AUDUSD: short from 0.9280; current price 0.9150, +130 pips.


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