[System] Long EU, GU, AU

17.00 bst

As anticipated, the system is indicating a phase of dollar weakness. Long the following:

Closed short EU at 1.3122, +238 pips. Now Long EURUSD @ 1.3122. SL at 1.3050.

Closed short GU at 1.5403, +276 pips. Now long GBPUSD at 1.5403. SL at 1.5350.

Closed short AU at 0.9235, +340 pips. Now long AUDUSD at 0.9235. SL at 0.9145.


2 thoughts on “[System] Long EU, GU, AU

  1. Hans


    seriously, get back in the market. There is no point in sy(m/s)tem trading. The only thing you need to do is take on the leverage that your mental state can hhandle. You’ve got mini lots in FX dont you? .. take those.

    You may say, what point is a minilot … I say, what point is it not to do so. You can trade the system for real, and when negative results come in, they are so low you dont care. And when the system does its thing (which is turning out 400 to 800 pips a month or so), you will still make That amount times a mont (assuming a minilot is 1$ a pip.

    Trading the market with real money makes the difference, and you know it. Its not wether you do it with $100.000k, or $1000. Its all about leverage, and sticking to your rules. Show to yourself that you can do it with minilots first, I can gaurantee you that you will find it very easy to adhere to your system rules using minilots, the money involved suddenly just isnt in the equasion anymore, just as you would want it. And then build to 2 minilots 4-6 months later, and so on.

    If your system is as good as you say it is, and I believe you it is, just trade it the way it is supposed to, but trade it for real, and small. Shouldn’t take a lot of time either.

    Good look




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