Update on system trades

Friday 21 June, 9.10 am London time

As you can expect, all trades are going well, and the system is in cruise mode. Nothing to do but monitor once each session. Gets boring. That’s a sign that I am on the right track.

Until I get busy with my work in about mid-July, I’ll update this blog with system trades once a day unless a new trade is indicated.


2 thoughts on “Update on system trades

  1. Daniel

    Hi zen, can you know in advance at what level will your system flip from short to long? If you can estimate, then you can adjust the stop loss accordingly no? Are you actually still trading it or just watching at the moment?


    1. ZenFXTrader

      Daniel, I do move the stop loss as the trade goes deep into the money. I keep the SL far enough that it should not be hit unless there is an ’emergency’, an unexpected event that moves prices dramatically. I try not to predict moves as that leads to getting out prematurely. One of the pillars of my system is ‘confirmation’. I’d rather give up a few pips of profit while awaiting confirmation as opposed to exiting prematurely.
      I am not trading live now, just demo/practice trading my system.



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