System open trades post FOMC update: smooth sailing

Thursday, June 20

For those curious about the open trades in the system log: All except the EURUSD were correctly placed before the FOMC. The EURUSD was obviously wrongly placed because of the stop hunt above 1.3400 which triggered a long, and if I implement one of the recent tweaks to the rules I should have flipped the long to short at around 1.3380. Nevertheless, since I am now training myself to act like a robot, it flipped short as per the older rules at 1.3360 at a loss of -40 pips. Since then the EU is in profit by about +100 pips; the GU is +200 pips, AU is +350 pips, UJ is +140 pips, EJ is +100 pips. Recall that I had exit the same UJ and EJ trades last Friday at a total loss of 300 pips. 😦

I have also kept away from reading any financial news sites, except a calendar site which shows data releases. And I really feel so good, it is hard to describe. As some of you have said in the comments, not reading other news and opinion sharpens the insight I get from the charts. I don’t really need to know that Bernanke said something, or the GDP came in stronger/weaker, or blah blah… it is all visible in the charts! And the charts also make it crystal clear what is the correct action to take. I think I’m close to my Holy Grail!


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