AUDJPY: closed @ 90.45, +7 pips. Cold feet.

16.28 bst

I think I am too early with this trade. All the big moves of this month will definitely re-trace, but not so quickly. There will be ample opportunities when pairs have based. I’m being too impatient, having entered based on big-picture fundamental factors, without the comfort of my system signal. The fundamentals will prove correct, but the technicals pick the right time and the level more often. So I have quit this position for a small profit of +7 pips.

16.33 Edit: AUDJPY jumped 10 pips higher almost within a minute after I closed my position. I don’t know what it is, but this sort of thing happens just too often. I must be the torch-bearer for the crowd of weak hands, easily scared.

Edit 16.42: AUDJPY is now at 90.72, 30 pips higher!


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