Weekly Review, 8 June: down -21%

9 June 2013

This week I did not have as much focus as usual. I missed my stop level in AUDUSD and held it until the end of the week when I closed it for a loss of -143 pips, which is the main result for the week.

The account is down -21% for the week (and the month-to-date). All the loss was from the AUDUSD long whose stop loss at 9610 / 9570 I missed and finally closed at 9502.

There were great opportunities this week, especially in the yen pairs and GBPUSD. The week before, I closed a perfectly good GU long position from about 1.5180 on the Friday due to the weekend. I could not enter again as the late entry does not meet my trade parameters. So lost a big one there, and also in EURUSD. The account is too small to take advantage of all the trade opportunities out there, so I need to focus on a few pairs and build up the account. It seems to be going backwards at the moment, but I am confident I will be able to grow it back to $100k+ one day soon.

Here is the latest weekly account trades worksheet.

Blog Wksht 2013June08


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