Long AUDUSD @ 0.9645, SL 0.9582

4.52 bst

AUD has shown very bullish behaviour the past day or so, and I am going long here, larger than usual size since I don’t think I will be opening any other trades until after ECB.

Long $20/pip AUDUSD @ 0.9645, SL 0.9582.


2 thoughts on “Long AUDUSD @ 0.9645, SL 0.9582

  1. Hans

    Jo zen, you have been quiet these past 2 days. I reckon you did not stop yourself out on this aud/usd trade as you did not update. If so, i tell you, its leverage.

    I have been long the bugger too, But only small, increasing down the road, and taking off some (at a loss and at a gain). Still long (from 9560 now), and looking to make it to parity.

    Be careful, not to let it run against you again, just in case. (if indeed you are still in).

    Best of good lucks!


    1. ZenFXTrader

      Hi Hans,
      Yes, I’ve been a little busy with other stuff so I watch the markets less. In fact I missed the whole USD fireworks last night – it started literally 15 minutes after I went to sleep! Anyway, to answer your question – yes, I got caught in the AUD long when I missed my stoploss level at 9610 and then 9570. Fortunately the size is very small. When I looked at the charts, the heavy support in the 9400/9500 region and price action that lacked downside conviction, I took a risk that it will bounce here and let the trade stay. I think I will use order sizes of this level, small enough that I don’t need to obsess over the charts every minute, and every 10 pip surge generating fear or greed.



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