USDJPY: Stopped out; EJ: closed.

9.25 bst

USDJPY hit my stop and my broker too an extra 5 pips from my hard stop: finally closed at 100.39, for -60 pips.

With UJ under pressure, I’ve decided to also close the EURJPY also.

Closed EJ at 130.75, -88 pips.

This month the market just doesn’t look or behave right. I don’t know if my viewpoint has changed or the market has changed. The choppiness and the lack of follow-through is very disheartening for swing traders. From the way the bid/offer blinks on my platform, it looks like the liquidity is very thin. Probably due to the summer. There might be some truth to the advice of ‘sell in may and go away’ market wisdom. It looks like only algos and 1 min chart scalpers (with almost zero spread!) can make some money in these markets. I am  without inspiration, and perhaps it is a good idea to take some time off.

This week has seen the account down -28.4%, and the month is ending with the account down -13.6%. Depressing!

I’ll have a weekly review up on Saturday.


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