Stopped and reversed EU & GU

13.35 bst

The long GU & EU orders hit my stop loss and I’m reversing at the same level. One of the system rules I have is to reverse when I exit or get stopped out. I’m following that  rule with a small order size. The market has been terrible this week – I’ve lost all the profit I made last week! 😦

Closed GBPUSD long at 1.5208, -49 pips.

Now short $10/pip GBPUSD at 1.5208, SL 1.5260.

Closed EURUSD long at 1.2840, -49 pips. (hard stop triggered)

Now short $20/pip EURUSD @ 1.2822. SL 1.2890.


2 thoughts on “Stopped and reversed EU & GU

    1. ZenFXTrader

      The reversing rule works well in swing trades, but is very bad for range trades. The real dilemma for me is how to judge if we are in a swing mode or range trade mode, BRFORE it starts. The analysis of my trades (new post coming) shows that if I didn’t anticipate my rules, even the range trading is not too bad for me. Its just that in range trading I need to be more patient, and not jump in and out before the end of candles. This is the real problem for me. I will post examples of my system trades through the same periods which show some losses, but nothing as bad as my real trading due to lack of patience. Wait for the next post 🙂



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