Short EJ at 131.65, SL 132.30

8.33 bst

EJ generated a sell signal at the same time as UJ but I didn’t take it as EU is moving in the opposite direction. However London is showing a tendency to sell EJ and I’ve decided to take the trade, although a bit late.

Short $30/pip EURJPY @ 131.65, stop-loss at 132.30.


2 thoughts on “Short EJ at 131.65, SL 132.30

  1. Jared

    don’t chase price… i have a sell order at 132.40 and another at 132.50. stops at 132.60 on both. 131.65 is practically the start of the move. everyone’s been waiting for us data…


    1. ZenFXTrader

      That would be a great low-risk entry if you get it. My short’s proper entry was around 132.00/10, so I was a little late to entry. The problem with waiting for price is sometimes it doesn’t reach the level you’re waiting at. A little higher risk, but if it doesn’t go much above 132.40 before dropping down again, the end result is still okay.



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