Closed & reversed EU, GU longs. Also long UJ.

4.05 bst

Yesterday’s long EU and GU trades were a mistake which I realised a few minutes after putting on the trades. I was hoping for a bounce of at least 20 pips from the lows to get out, but no luck. Now the system is indicating a strong USD wave is about to begin and is telling me to short EU, GU, and go long UJ.

1. Closed GBPUSD long from 1.5594 at 1.5555 for -39 pips, -7%

Now short $20/pip GBPUSD at 1.5555, SL at 1.5595.

2. Closed EURUSD long from 1.3206 at 1.3177 for -29 pips, -4%

Now short $20/pip EURUSD at 1.3177, SL 1.3212.

3. Also added new long $20/pip USDJPY at 97.36, SL at 96.98.


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