Long GBPUSD 1.5517

15.05 bst

I missed the spike in EURUSD – it is now over 1.3155, too late to chase it. But GBPUSD has just started its move and is still a decent buy if the risk on sentiment continues. Going long GBPUSD.

Long $30/pip GBPUSD at 1.5517, SL at 1.5475.


3 thoughts on “Long GBPUSD 1.5517

  1. Daniel

    Good call. Now will the dollar selling continue or do we pause before ECB and NFP? As HKG said, we will only know after the fact


      1. Daniel

        It’s not a proper break unless we close below, right? Anyway calling it a day, let’s see if 13200 will cap or break or fakeout. My money is on the fake out as long as 13240 hold


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