Closed Yen pairs @ 97.83, 127.96

8.12 bst

Closed both yen trades as follows:

USDJPY long, closed at 97.83 for -7 pips loss.

EURJPY long, closed at 127.96, for -62 pips loss.

The charts are not showing any clear direction. If I had to do anything now I should go short EU, as the system has just indicated a short at 1.3080. But I think it will at best drift down a little bit over the next few sessions until the ECB meeting. I might take a small position there just to keep interested.


2 thoughts on “Closed Yen pairs @ 97.83, 127.96

  1. Daniel

    I think we are still ranging Zen. I am trading the edge of 13030/13130 or 12950/13200 range until ecb. Been very profitable lately, although just small 20 – 30 pips trade. If we are between 12950-13030 before ecb I am planning to take a swing position long hoping for no cut and rally to 13200 or above



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