Closed EURJPY long at 128.15; +18 pips

13.32 bst

Closed EURJPY longs at 128.15, for a small profit of 18 pip.

Long UJ and short GU still open.


2 thoughts on “Closed EURJPY long at 128.15; +18 pips

  1. Dani

    Zen I know you don’t agree with me, but i still think you should keep an eye on RSI 14.. the reason why you had little profits on that short EJ was cuz it was too oversold and you kept chasing yen pairs. try it on your demo account.. i use RSI 14 in 4hr TFs and its what keeps me avoiding to chase a pair when its too low or too high.. you end up always to get a short squeeze or vice versa if you chase them.

    GBP Usd another case of being too overbought + divergence + 50% retracement looming.. and you went long right there .. glad you realize it’s going down:P and reversed, im in too.


    1. ZenFXTrader

      Thanks for your suggestion Dani. I have tested RSI in the past and don’t like it. The thing about trading is that you can do it many ways. If you get a combination of indicators, techniques, patterns that work, stick with it. Either I follow your method 100% or I must follow my method 100%. Just picking one component of a strategy will not work for someone else. I will need to test RSI with my setups before I can use it. The 2 examples of my poor entries were against my rules – I was being greedy trying to capture a little more of the move. Good luck to us all!



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