Closed AUD short at 1.0233, + 3 pips

9.16 bst

The Aussie has become a dawg pair to trade – absolutely useless from a volatility and range point of view. I am removing it from my regular traded pairs and will only trade it occasionally in the higher time frame if I see it at an extreme level. I am quite sick of the Aussie now. Used to be a great pair to trade but it has almost no volatility since about late last year.

Closed AUDUSD short at 1.0233, +3 pips.


2 thoughts on “Closed AUD short at 1.0233, + 3 pips

  1. overkill

    Learnt a few things about aussie.

    NEVER trade aussie or kiwi on news (usual data thats on calendar).. because this pair moves too quickly in matter of nanoseconds it moves 30-50 pips and then stays muted (gamblers play it). so if you follow the move you will end up trapped most of the times.

    never go short on the lows and never go long on the highs. draw trendlines and fibos and play the contrarian with TIGHT spot loss. like 7-8 pips

    thats how ive been successful trading this beautiful pair because it respects TL’s and fibos so much.. and when it breaks those i wait for it to build another pattern and never go fell for break outs unless they are CLEAR like bull/bear flags but with so few volatility its easy to be trapped on breakouts.

    pairs with volatility like Eur usd Eur Jpy are beautiful to play on breakouts..


    1. ZenFXTrader

      wise words my friend. I have observed the same things as you have. The AUD respects TLs and Fibos and it ALWAYS retraces from moves made at news time. But the ranges are so small, even with a good entry we can hardly get 30-40 pips!



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