Closed EJ at 127.70, -89 pips

15.15 gmt

This pair is driving me nuts. Closed at 127.70, -89 pips, -4.4%.

I think I’ll just reduce my trade size for the next few days.

15.33 bst: God damn! Again, I was scared out at almost the low of this spike! This pair has shot up from 127.80 to 128.50 in the last 5 minutes!

15.53 bst: This pair is now back at my entry level! Incredible choppiness. Fortunately I had the order size very small. And also fortunate that I held my nerve in AUDUSD and USDJPY!

Almost at day highs now, as I finish writing this. 128.62!


4 thoughts on “Closed EJ at 127.70, -89 pips

  1. Daniel

    We just have so many big upswing and downswing in the last few sessions, so my best guess is there will be no clear trend until end of Friday. Time to buy support and sell resistance IMHO


      1. Daniel

        The strength of your system is that it tends to do well in smooth trending market, not chop zone like this


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