System long signals – updated

13.30 bst

My account is too small to take advantage of all the signals that my rules have generated. Nevertheless, I will just list the signals here for anybody interested.

EURUSD: Long at ~ 1.3130. One could also enter at current levels (1.3142). Stop loss should be around the 1.3070 region.

USDJPY: Long at 97.86, Stop loss at 97.10.

GBPUSD: Need to wait until the 4hr candle closes at 4pm bst; on current form this looks like it will happen and signal a long trade soon with a stop at 1.5270.

Update 16.01 bst: The GBPUSD signal did not happen. This pair needed to close above 1.5310, but is now at 1.5295. A reminder of the importance of not anticipating the candle close.

New page with system trades?

I am thinking of ways of also showing my system recommended trades together with my actual trades on the blog. Apparently I can only have one page in the blog that has ‘posts’. I could make another page and update that page, but it would not automatically tweet that page when updated. The other way is to have another blog dedicated only to system trades. I am still debating what is best and if I can manage it.

If I can manage to post my system trades also in real-time, we can see what my system trades are doing and how different is my real trading. And then we can compare results too :-).

If anybody has suggestions that will help, please drop me an email.


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