Long EURJPY again – 128.88. Update: closed at b-e

17.03 bst

I reckon I’ll go long for a quick scalp trade – will update this when I exit.

Long 3 lots ($30/pip) at 128.88.

Update 17.08: closed this at B-E.

A strategy I occasionally use is based on PA near the top of the hour, especially 1500, 1600 and 1700 hrs London time. Combined with the observation that any new high or low is always re-tested a few hours later, I was expecting EJ to test 129 again. But I did not stay the course and closed out for a small profit. I went away to answer some emails and by the time I looked at the price it was over 128.80 and moving in leaps. But I was too late for taking advantage of this strategy. So closed out at B-E.

Euro is showing impressive strength!


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