Another scalping trade: short GBPUSD @ 1.5340.Update: closed at 1.5371

17.15 bst

Over the last 2 days I’m not comfortable keeping trades open for long, so I have switched to short scalping mode for a few trades. Using Fibos and Resistance/Support to grab 10-20 pips with tight stops.

Short GBPUSD $40/pip at 1.5340, SL 1.5356. TP 1.5320.

Edit: Watching the PA carefully – this may go up to 1.5360, but will very likely fall back down towards 1.5310/20 later.

Update 18.18 bst: closed at 1.5371, -31 pips.

That was stupid. Probably watching the market too much, making me jumpy. And entered this trade probably due to impatience, just wanting to do some trades while waiting for the system to produce a signal.

Fortunately the harm is minor.


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