Human weakness on display again

13.45 bst

I exit my 2 good short trades for almost zero profit and those trades have now moved into good profit. All the system trades that I did not take are also in profit. This is the difference between a human and a machine.

I didn’t take the trades mainly because I don’t like to open trades on a Friday. The weekend is a huge unknown risk as I’ve learned to my cost many times in the past. But a machine feels no fear. The system risk is clearly defined in its ratios, it will take the loss if it happens and the machine goes ahead with the trade without fear.

I am not going to chase the trades. That’s one habit I have successfully integrated into my behaviour by now. I wasn’t always like this. In the past I would be jumping into these trades due to the ‘fear’ of missing out, or the ‘greed’ of wanting more. But now I am more disciplined. I know that there is always another opportunity around the corner. More regular than the buses, the next trade setup will arrive soon. I’ve made more than my desired target this week and I don’t mind missing these trades. At least I can enjoy some restful sleep tonight! 😉

The one emotion I need to get under control is the fear of loss. I am making progress in that direction, but still have a lot to overcome.

I’ll have the weekly review up over the week-end. Its been a good week, with the account up 34.6% for the week and 114.2% for the month, i.e. more than double for the month so far.


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