Closed long EU & long GU at B-E

14.22 bst

These two have not shown as much vigour as I expected, and I am tired at the end of the week. Although I do believe GBPUSD will test 1.5350 and EURUSD test 1.3040 later today, I don’t have the patience and the energy to monitor the markets tonight. Also, since I have already made 60% this week, I reckon that’s good enough so I’m calling it a day/end of the week.

Closed EU @ 1.2998, +2 pips

Closed GU 1.5294, +2 pips.

I’ll update the worksheet in my weekly review post over the week-end.



3 thoughts on “Closed long EU & long GU at B-E

  1. rahul

    Good day Zen, i just wanted to make a suggestion. Its an oft repeated mistake of mine too. relaxing once a profit (especially one of such maginute, i had a glorious week). but the market is so brutal you should treat each trade within a vacuum. completely disconnected from past or present success or failure.dont let those pips go by. if u can take it..take it and dont let even a dollar slip by ( we all tend to relax after large wins). because when we have a bad run the market doesnt give any quarter, it mercilessly takes upto our last penny.
    have a great weekend.


    1. ZenFXTrader

      Rahul, thanks for the suggestion. I actually stayed awake to see my trade plan work out precisely as I had foreseen: GBP to 1.5355 and EUR to 1.3040. Still, I don’t mind missing it. An individual trader has to live with the constraints of real-life: family commitments, chores, sleep, friends, etc. This is not compatible with a 20 hr trading day x 6 days a week. So we must learn to let some go without a feeling of loss. The goal is consistent profits each week, each month. With that goal, I am training myself to accept that I will miss a few opportunities but there is always a new opportunity round the corner. As long as I keep myself from making devastating losses I will be okay in the long run.



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