5.46 bst

The BoJ announcement has put a rocket yen pairs. I’ve gone long as follows:

Long $22/pip EURJPY at 120.28, SL 119.50

Long $22/pip USDJPY at 93.66, SL 93.20

I will probably exit one of these or reduce the size fairly quickly, after the initial burst has run out of steam.

I read the statement and personally I didn’t see much more than the market expectations in it. So we may get a ‘sell the fact’ effect soon. But for now, follow the price!


One thought on “Long EURJPY & USDJPY

  1. fxgai

    Hopefully Kuroda-san has provided a nice start to your account rebuild here.
    It seems the BoJ haven’t ruled anything out, they will buy pretty much anything, and Kuroda even got virtually unanimous decisions on everything. (8-1 in some cases.)
    At this stage it looks to me that Abe isn’t going to get any push-back from the BoJ.
    Of course we need to be mindful of attentions switching to US data, as their employment data has been missing expectations a little over the past few weeks…



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