Long AUDUSD @ 1.0477

7.33 gmt

I’ve been waiting for a decent dip in this pair to go long but the best we got was 1.0455 earlier today. This is a safe pair – slow and plodding unlike the mercurial EURJPY. I’m going long here, hopefully for a test of 1.0580. The technicals are bullish, and the fundamentals are also bullish. And being long we also collect interest, at the rate of approx 0.75 pips per day. Not bad for a long term (weeks?) buy and hold.

Long $20/pip AUDUSD at 1.0477. SL 1.0408. Alert if pair dips below 1.0440.


4 thoughts on “Long AUDUSD @ 1.0477

    1. ZenFXTrader

      You’re right Pramod. I am debating whether to do that but I am reluctant to put new money in. Or just focus on the % returns per week, per month as a measure of good trading.



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