Closed AUDUSD long @ 1.0346, -22 pips

1.20 gmt

I’m not feeling too good about my trading, and the AUD is showing signs of rolling over. Better get out, and conserve the little capital I have left for when things settle down.

Closed AUDUSD @ 1.0346, -22 pips, which amounts to almost 11% of my depleted account. Account now at $16,534.


2 thoughts on “Closed AUDUSD long @ 1.0346, -22 pips

  1. MarkT

    Hello Zen trader.

    A few days ago you made ​​a very good trade.
    The closure of the gap, that´s one of my favorites methods.

    In the begining of this week (sunday) there were many pairs with gaps.
    Some examples: eurusd +100, nzdchf + 10 …

    Why don´t you try, of course, not all the gaps will give you positive pips but it´s a good approach to make some buck.

    Good week.


    1. ZenFXTrader

      Hey Mark, thanks for the comment. My trading style is normally swing-trading. Although I know of the gap close trades, today was a pretty rare event that caused the gaps. After the horrific slashing my account has suffered, I am not in any mood to take risks, and this is a very risky environment with sudden reversals very possible. I think I will just wait until the markets settle down before making any serious trades. We have Bernanke on Wednesday in addition to the Cyprus fallout, so a lot can happen this week.



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