Short EURUSD @ 1.3185

2.45 gmt

I’ve given enough time for the monday morning markets to show some direction and one thing looks clear is that there is absolutely no bounce in the EURUSD. My system is short and I’ve decided to go short here, although half of the size I normally would. I’m leaving some ammo for the European session.

Short $100/pip EURUSD @ 1.3185. SL at 1.3210.



2 thoughts on “Short EURUSD @ 1.3185

  1. ExpatWatcher

    Seems reasonable, although with no exit poll information emerging from Italy, think the market is waiting for some news before trading. Possibly late European Monday or even into Tuesday before we get a result.


    1. ZenFXTrader

      The odds are on a messy result, and markets don’t like uncertainty. Also, technically, after the sudden sharp drop from 1.3246 on Friday which was just short of the 38 Fibo of the last swing down, the pair has not gone anywhere near that level again (ignore the early Asian interbank trades). That is a sign that most smart money is betting this pair goes lower. Smart money is usually right on such events. Good luck if you’re also trading this!



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