Covered EURUSD @ 1.3068, +22.2%

22.38 gmt

Decided to cover the EURUSD short and re-enter again later when it bounces.

Closed EURUSD short at 1.3068, +215 pips, +22.2%.

I’ve been very lucky today. I went to sleep at about 17.30 London time, and was woken up 2 hours later to drop off my daughter to the station. When I dropped off to sleep ( I couldn’t keep awake any longer), it was already past 5 in London and I figured we will not see much more movement today. Boy, how wrong was I! Once UJ broke support near 93, both the UJ and EJ plunged and I woke up to see the UJ down over 250 pips! Fortunately the EURUSD was also down a similar amount and my EU order size is bigger, so on net balance the account was slightly up. I am now monitoring the UJ to get out at a good level – it’s already 150 pips off its lows.

That’s a good ‘get out of jail free’  card I got!


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